Divorce Among The Gulls, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Separation Literacy

This may seem weird, but I mentioned the seagulls from Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Committed during a recent radio interview. While discussing my seminar on Separation Literacy, I was trying to make the point that separations happen, even in nature. I offer my clients some perspective with the knowledge Elizabeth Gilbert shared from William Jordan’s book called Divorce Among The Gulls that even among seagulls, a species that mates for life, there exists a 25% divorce rate. Mr. Jordan’s research works both ways, since I told a friend who had cold feet about marriage that Elizabeth Gilbert further explained that often the gulls’ second marriage is perfectly happy and they do mate for life, and this gave him the reassurance he needed to get married for the second time! To listen to the interview, just click on the Play button on the image below. The gulls are at 4:00 : )

I intend to enlarge and display at my office this image of gulls going their separate ways. I was hoping to find a way to mount it with some transparency, since I’d like to hang it in my window and see some light through it.

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